ACI ACRIS Semantic Model

Rockport Software provides hosting and maintenance services for the Airports Council International (ACI) Semantic Model.

A great deal of information is produced and consumed by many parties for every flight movement that occurs. Information is exchanged between business partners (B2B), between businesses and individuals (B2C) and between businesses and government agencies (B2G). The ACI ACRIS (Aviation Community Recommended Information Services) initiative was created to improve the quality of information being exchanged by providing standards such as industry, information and technology standards. Standardising Aviation services facilitates integration and semantic inter-operability between aviation systems, whether in airport, airline, air traffic management, or third party vendors.

ACRIS Semantic Model

Airport business performance depends on seamless and meaningful information exchange. Effective communication requires a common business vocabulary, with well defined terminology. This common vocabulary is the foundation of ACI’s Semantic Model. Knowledge is held about airlines, passengers, assets and other core factors in the Airport. These business concepts represent the smallest grain of business knowledge. The terms used to describe these concepts form the business vocabulary. The Semantic Model defines the concepts, their characteristics, the relationships between them, and how they behave. This provides a framework for semantic inter-operability within which different applications can cooperate with each other. The applications may be within, or between, businesses e.g. an Airport sharing gate information with an Airline.

The model contains four layers: the business language context layer, the knowledge layer, the data element library of re-usable components, and the physical (technology) layer. Information artefacts can be derived directly from the model. These include for example, XSDs and JSON schemas, REST APIs and database scripts.

Rockport is an active member of the ACI ACRIS working group that is responsible for the definition of standards for information exchange. Please contact Rockport to find out how to benefit from this initiative.

The Semantic Model in Action

A number of information projects based on the Semantic Model have either been completed or are underway. These include:

  • ACDM - Airport Collaborative Decision Making
  • Common Use - Passenger and Bag Conformance (IATA RP 1741)
  • Seamless Travel - a set of standard APIs to provide information to passengers without the need for individual airline and airport apps.
  • Baggage XML - Next generation bag messaging (IATA RP 1755)
  • AGIM – Airport Geospatial Information Model, now endorsed by ACI World as the standard airport GIS model.
  • RDM - Repository of Aviation Master Reference Data
  • De-icing - a set of common APIs to facilitate exchange of de-icing information.
  • Parking - a set of common APIs to facilitate exchange of parking information.
  • PQM - Passenger Queue Measurement of checkpoint wait times.

Current Version

The current version of the Semantic Model is v2.7.

The package of Semantic Model XSDs is currently published as v1.0. These services include: Aircraft Movement, Bag Item, Equipment, Facility, IRVR, Passenger Transfer, Planning, Resource Usage, SMGCS, ULD.

How Can I Access the Semantic Model?

The ACRIS Semantic Model is hosted on Rockport's cloud platform on behalf of ACI. Requests for access to the Semantic Model are invited from modellers wishing to participate in ACI information projects.

Please contact us by email to submit your request to obtain access to the ACI Semantic Model. Note that requests for access are subject to review and approval by ACI itself.