Current Projects

Rockport Software contributes to global initiatives transforming the aviation industry

Digital Business Marketplace / Smart Airports

Rockport is representing ACI ACRIS in the Smart Airport Catalyst as part of the Digital Business Marketplace initiative by TM Forum. We have integrated the relevant components of the ACRIS Semantic Model with similar elements from TM Forum’s Information Framework within a digital twin of an airport to enable new services.

September 2022 Update:

Bob Logan presented and demonstrated our airport digital twin at the Digital Transformation World conference and exhibition in Copenhagen in September 2022.

PRESS RELEASE. Click here to view the TM Forum DTW Smart Airports - Enabling All Travelers to be VIPs press release.

Fly2Plan - Future Flight Challenge Project

Rockport Software is proud to participate in the Fly2Plan project as part of a cross-industry consortium. The consortium, led by Heathrow Airport, includes operational experts from airports, airlines and air traffic management, as well as technology and academic organisations.

Emerging and future models of airspace use, for example drones and unmanned air taxis arriving and departing from an airport, and from many other locations, will require a dramatic increase in the sharing and exchage of aviation information and may require new information models and standards. The Fly2Plan project looks to support future information exchange requirements of UK airspace by building a blockchain-based system to facilitate the trusted exchange of aviation information in a secure and scalable manner.

The Airports Council International (ACI) ACRIS Semantic Model provides a consistent and integrated view of airports and the wider aviation ecosystem and is ideally placed to support this project for the demanding requirements of current and future airspace operators.

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ACRIS (ACI) Working Group

Rockport is an active member of the Airports Council International (ACI) working group responsible for the definition of standards for information exchange, known as the ACRIS initiative (Airport Community Recommended Information Services).

Rockport have contributed to many ACRIS initiatives including significant involvement in the development of the ACI Semantic Model, using Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

Rockport host the Semantic Model on our cloud platform to support continuous development of the Semantic Model by airports around the world

Rockport has a contract with ACI World to provide all ACRIS Semantic Model support services, including maintaining the ACRIS website.

Please contact Rockport to find out how to get involved with, and benefit from, these initiatives. If you would like to request access to the ACI Semantic Model, please contact us.

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IATA/ACI Modern Messaging

Rockport actively participates in the IATA/ACI Modern Messaging initiative (Baggage Information Exchange). This initiative has developed a new standard for bag messaging that will revolutionise the world of Baggage Operations. The new standard, known as Recommended Practice 1755, built using the IATA AIDM (Airline Industry Data Model), will replace RP 1745 in due course. This will greatly facilitate the reduction in misconnected bags. It will also support the new IATA Resolution 753 that requires airlines to provide certain mandatory information to passengers regarding the location of their bags.

Rockport Software can support your involvement with and adoption of the new bag messaging standard. We can offer a hosted broker service for organisations of any size.

Please contact Rockport to find out how to benefit from this initiative.

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Live Project Services

Rockport Software provides a secure and scalable hosting platform for collaborative services

ACI Semantic Model - Hosted Management Service

Rockport Software host the ACI Semantic Model on behalf of Airports Council International (ACI).

The ACRIS Semantic Model is available for online access for registered users in support of active ACRIS projects.

The change management process for the Semantic Model is administered using our JIRA helpdesk for registered users.

If you would like more information about, or to request access to, the ACI Semantic Model, please contact us.

IATA Modern Messaging Testbed - Hosted Test Platform

Rockport Software have developed the IATA/ACI Modern Messaging Baggage Testbed and manage and host the service on our cloud platform.

The testbed provides a platform against which new implementations of airport/airline/vendor broker nodes can connect and conduct integration tests. The testbed is an scalable MQTT broker supporting a standard set of tests defined in the RP1755 Implementation Guide.

If you would like more information about this service, please contact Rockport.

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Other Recent Projects

Rockport Software provides actionable and insightful data analysis services

Logistics Systems Test Management and Support

Baggage System Predictive Risk Modelling

Baggage System Capacity Modelling

Reference Data Quality Management Assessment

Please contact Rockport if you are interested in these types of projects.