Current Projects

Rockport Software contributes to global initiatives transforming the aviation industry

ACRIS (ACI) Working Group

Rockport is an active member of the Airports Council International (ACI) working group responsible for the definition of standards for information exchange, known as the ACRIS initiative (Airport Community Recommended Information Services).

Rockport have contributed to many ACRIS initiatives including signficant involvement in the development of the ACI Semantic Model.

Rockport currently host the Semantic Model on our cloud platform to support continuous development of the Semantic Model by airports around the world

Please contact Rockport to find out how to get involved with, and benefit from, these initiatives. If you would like to request access to the ACI Semantic Model, please use the registration page from the following link

IATA/ACI Baggage XML initiative.

Rockport actively participates in the IATA/ACI Baggage XML initiative. This initiative has developed a new standard for bag messaging that will revolutionise the world of Baggage Operations. The new standard, known as Recommended Practice 1755, built using the IATA AIDM (Airline Industry Data Model), will replace RP 1745 in due course. This will greatly facilitate the reduction in misconnected bags. It will also support the new IATA Resolution 753 that requires airlines to provide certain mandatory information to passengers regarding the location of their bags.

Rockport Software can support your involvement with and adoption of the new bag messaging standard. We can offer a hosted broker service for organisations of any size.


Please contact Rockport to find out how to benefit from this initiative.