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Rockport Software is dedicated to enabling the Intelligent Enterprise.


Core to Rockport Software's business is the provision of high quality Consultancy Services. We have extensive expertise in Information Modelling, Reference Data Management, Software Development and Business Intelligence / Data Analytics.

Our customers include international organisations in the aviation, investment banking and manufacturing industries.


Rockport Software can provide the right combination of products and services to solve your organisation's concerns. Our software solutions can add substantial value by improving business performance, in terms of enhanced customer experience, improved revenue opportunities and/or reduced costs.


With many years' experience of working with international clients, we can provide support services to ensure that you get continued value from your RDM, BI and Data Analytics investments.

Innovative Products

Rockport Software Product and Service Solutions

Rockport Baggage Message Broker

Rockport Software has developed an information broker solution supporting modern Baggage Messaging standards.

Our industry leading solution message broker supports the new IATA Recommended Practice 1755 XML (and RP 1745) messaging standards.

Built using a micro-service architecture, the Rockport solution can be deployed as a cloud service (or on-premise) and can be flexibly scaled to meet the requirements for any size of messaging volume.

Our innovative design provides a modular solution architecture, supporting flexible deployments based on required functionality. Optional modules include message transformation (BIM to XML, or XML to BIM), message masking, message archival and track and trace capabilities.

The Rockport messaging broker platform has been chosen as the industry testbed broker for all IATA/ACI testing with Airports and Airline members. More information about the IATA/ACI service can be found on the main Baggage Testbed website.

More information about this product can be found on our Baggage Messaging page

Please get in touch to find out more information.

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Rockport Aviation Reference Data Service

Rockport Software hosts and maintains an Aviation Industry Reference Data Repository.

Reference data is that data that describes key aviation concepts like flight, airport, airline, asset and passengers. Examples include airport codes, airline codes, aircraft types, flight codes, and many others.

Rockport already offers a comprehensive of set high quality reference data which, uniquely, is fully compliant with ACI's ACRIS Semantic Model. More data sets are being added all the time, so watch out for news about exciting additions to our RDM service.

As well as providing publicly-available data sets, which we provide to our subscribers free of charge, we can offer additional, premium services to our aviation customers. These include bespoke services to manage an airport's own reference data, either on-premise or on our cloud platform. In our role as managers of the ACRIS Semantic model, we are uniquely placed to assure the compliance of all your reference data with the model.

More information about this service can be found on our Reference Data page

For more information, or to request access to the Reference Data Repository and Data Service, please get in touch.

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How we can help enable the Intelligent Enterprise.

  • Information Modelling

    Towards Enterprise Knowledge

    Rockport has many years' experience with information modelling projects, including contributing to the Airports Council International (ACI) Semantic Model and IATA Airline Industry Data Model (AIDM)

    We work closely with the ACI in major international standards projects such as Semantic Model, Seamless Travel and Asset Management.

    Rockport hosts the ACRIS Semantic Model on our cloud platform supporting the community participants.

    Rockport offers consulting services, including to Airports, Airlines and other Aviation companies working with these industry models.

  • Innovative Software and Software Product Development

    The technology to deliver real intelligence

    Rockport has developed several innovative software products. The Rockport Information Broker is an industry leading messaging broker supporting the latest international standard for baggage messaging.

    Our Reference Data Repository is, uniquely, built directly from and integrated with the ACI ACRIS Semantic Model.

    Rockport offers these software products and associated supports, maintenance and continued development services .

  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

    Business Intelligence in practice

    Rockport Software has many years' experience and great depth of expertise in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Big Data and Data Warehousing, having designed, developed and implemented BI and DW systems and applications for many clients worldwide.

    We work with industry leading technologies, including those from Oracle, Microsoft and others, on premise or in cloud platforms to enable the digital enterprise.

    Rockport offers consulting services covering all areas of the project lifecycle, including requirements analysis, project management, design, development and testing.

  • Enterprise Performance Management

    Improving performance throughout the enterprise

    Enterprise performance management, including Key Performance Indicators, Balanced Scorecard, process modelling and activity costing.

    We have developed and implemented EPM applications for many clients worldwide leading to demonstrable financial benefits as a direct result of the analytics.

    Rockport offers consulting services to assist your enterprise to manage and optimise performance.


Our international customers include


International Aviation Community

ACI Health Measures Portal


International Aviation Body

Rockport Message Broker Software


ACI World

Semantic Model Hosting Service


Global Investment Bank

Performance Management


International Airport

Airport Intelligence


Aerospace Company

Application Support


Rockport Software has partnered with world class industry and technology experts to deliver effective solutions for our customers.


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