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Rockport Announces Participation in the Fly2Plan Project

19 February 2021 - Rockport Software is proud to announce our participation in a winning consortium working on a project under Innovate UK's Future Flight Challenge. The consortium, led by Heathrow Airport, includes operational experts from airports, airlines and air traffic management, as well as technology and academic organisations. The Fly2Plan project aims to support the emerging information exchange requirements in an airspace environment where new modes of air travel, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, are being operated in increasing numbers.

Fly to Plan - Supporting the Aviation System of the Future

Fly2Plan is one of the projects under Innovate UK's Future Flight Challenge, an R&D programme aiming to develop greener ways to fly, to encourage development of new modes of air travel and to support the airspace and aviation systems of the future.

The UK airspace will look very different in the coming years, as new airborne vehicles are deployed, including unmanned aerial vehicles, flying taxis and delivery drones. Air Traffic Management of this future airspace will rely on the efficient exchange of information between a more diverse range of organisations than at present and will require new models of trust to secure and authenticate that information. The volume and complexity of flight information produced and exchanged by the aviation industry will rise dramatically as the utilisation of the future airspace increases. Meaningful information exchange, based on international standards such as the ACRIS Semantic Model and the ICAO SWIM Concept, will be crucial for the safety, security and efficiency of airborne operations.

The Fly2Plan project, awarded to our consortium in November 2020, looks to support such information exchange requirements by building a blockchain-based system to facilitate the trusted exchange of aviation information in a secure and scalable manner. The distributed model of trust and data quality assurance provided by distributed ledger technologies are neccessary for the safety critical airspace environment. The Airports Council International (ACI) ACRIS Semantic Model provides a consistent and integrated view of airports and the wider aviation ecosystem. The ACRIS Semantic Model also facilitates the rapid prototyping and deployment of systems and applications to support the demanding requirements of current and future airspace users.

"With substantial depth of expertise and experience in the aviation industry, information exchange and the ACRIS Semantic Model, Rockport complements the great strengths and expertise of the consortium members, both with the information model and associated information exchange models. We look forward to working closely with our consortium partners to deliver on the objectives of this exciting initiative."

Bob Logan, Managing Director, Rockport Software

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Fly to Plan Consortium Members

Rockport is proud to be working with the members of our consortium: Altitude Angel, Cirium, Consortiq, Cranfield University, Digital Catapult, IAG, IBS Software, Innovate UK, NATS, SITA, TEKTowr, and University of Oxford

Fly 2 Plan Consortium Members